Sunday, May 13, 2018

Artist in Residence

Today, Sunday, was the first of the ‘Ten Giants in Ten Days’ artist in residence program. You can see the program for the next ten days here on the FoDT Facebook page.
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Hearn Park Mountain Grey Gum
Artist in residence, Jo Caminiti was joined today by JulieWard and Carrie Dupé at the giant Mountain Grey Gum in Hearn Park. The three artists skilfully worked to immortalize the goliath on canvas.

Jo Caminiti...

 Carrie Dupé...

Julie Ward...

Passers-by were able to engage the artists as they worked and to talk with Jenny from the Friends of Drouin’s Trees about the role of the group.

Three talented ladies and one impressive giant.

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  1. A wonderful start to our Artist in Residence project. The mighty trees are the stars for the next two weeks.