Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Late Update

Events that took place on Australia Day and will take place during the upcoming Ficifolia Festival probably need some updating, belatedly.

On Australia Day, the Friends of Drouin's Trees received the Baw Baw Shire's Community Contribution: Environmental Achievement award.

A well deserved award for a passionate and hard-working group of environmentalists. The award will inspire the group to continue with their work - educating, lobbying, working bees, etc.

Also on Australia Day, the 'CEO' of the Friends of Drouin's Trees, Judy Farmer, had her work in many fields, including the Friends of Drouin's Trees, recognised by receiving the Shire's Citizen of the Year award. Another very well deserved award. Judy's passion and dedication are indefatigable and her work ethic is unflagging, (unlike many of those of us who try to keep up).

As part of this year's Ficifolia Festival, we will be launching the Drouin Tree Walks booklet.

This little pocket book contains notes, photos and maps of 12 walks within Drouin, featuring in particular the magnificent tree cover for which our town is renown.

The booklet is the result of hard work by many people but especially Judy and Elaine of the Friends of Drouin's Trees, Carolyn from the Shire and Helen of Helen Timbury Design. The design and printing of the booklet was kindly supported by Baw Baw Shire and the Bendigo Bank Community Bank of Drouin.

On Tuesday 6th Feb at 530pm at McNeilly Park, you can collect your free booklet, meet many of the group and hear something about our work. The launch will be followed with a walk in the vicinity. (The booklet will shortly be available at various outlets in the town and at the shire offices)

Also as part of the Ficifolia Festival, Peter will be presenting a Power Point on the Flora and Fauna of Drouin and District - Drouin Library, Thursday 8th Feb, 230pm.

In addition to all of the above, if you are a 3BBR listener, keep an ear out for some bird 'tweets' that will soon be introduced into a couple of the radio station's programs.

In the words of many famous people I believe - it's all happening!

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