Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our 'Fics' are Forthcoming

Drouin's Ficifolias are about to perform. Some are already fully dressed with their brilliant scarlet flowers for which they are renown. Lorikeets, bees and other insects are certainly appreciative of their sweet-smelling nectar.

Princes Way west is the avenue of Ficifolias most well known and some trees on top of the hill between Longwarry Rd and Main Neerim Rd are well in flower. The trees 'in the dip' between Longwarry Rd and Albert Rd are not far behind.

It is interesting to note that a few individuals that copped some severe pruning recently have already begun to shoot from epicormic buds.

Corymbia ficifolia, (previously Eucalyptus ficfolia – DNA analysis in 2009 resulted in a change of classification), have an extremely small area of natural distribution near Albany in WA, hence the origin of one of its common names – Albany Red Flowering Gum.

Ficifolias are popular ornamental street, park and garden trees. Much research and experimentation has resulted in grafted varieties from nurseries being much truer to colour form than seedlings grown from seed.

 Don't forget Drouin's Ficifolia Festival – 4th to 10th Feb, ( The trees remember this event EVERY year!

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