Monday, November 20, 2017

Trees and Asthma

"A new study from the University of Exeter has found … that in heavily polluted neighbourhood(s) an increased number of trees actually reduced the amount of people who were admitted to hospital with asthma attacks."

"… the study looked at over 650,000 serious asthma attacks over a 15 year period. It then compared emergency hospitalisations across 26,000 urban neighbourhoods in England."

"In the worst polluted areas the data was loud and clear – trees made all the difference."

"… Dr Ian Alcock, research fellow at the University of Exeter's Medical School … We know that trees remove the air pollutants which can bring on asthma attacks, but in some situations they can also cause localised build-ups of particulates by preventing their dispersion by wind.

What they found however was that despite these concerns, the increased vegetation did significantly more good than harm."

"The team hope that their findings can help inform local councils in their urban planning policies – creating environments that balance each other out and ultimately result in a space that prioritises air quality."

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