Monday, November 27, 2017

Australian Bird of the Year

The Guardian Australia is currently conducting a poll for the Australian Bird of the Year.

In a simple interactive web page, you can tick your favourite species.

I wonder if any of Drouin's urban birds will get a look in?

The beautiful Spotted Pardalote, a fairly common bird in our town, is surely worth a vote or two?

Almost anywhere there is a big euc!
 Perhaps the gregarious and noisy Rainbow Lorikeet we often see and hear in the parks and gardens will score well?

 I'm always partial to a Golden Whistler, and you can nearly always find one near the golf course.

Pryor Rd, Bellbird Park, Thornell's Reserve ...
 Maybe, like me, you may enjoy some birds with more subtle beauty like the diminutive Brown Thornbill that prefers undergrowth habitat in places like Bellbird Park and Pryor Rd.

Pryor Rd, John Lardner Reserve, Drouin Golf Course, ...
 The beautiful Sacred Kingfisher was ticked recently at Bellbird too.

Bellbird Park, Thornell's Reserve.
 Another personal favourite is the Golden-headed Cisticola. This secretive little bird can be found – if you can be quiet and patient – in places like McNeilly and Summerhill Wetlands.

McNeilly Wetlands, Summerhill Wetlands, Amberley Estate ...
 "A blatant excuse to push a bit of bird stuff" did I hear you say! Too right!

Here's the link again – Guardian Australia's Australian Bird of the Year. There's some interesting and humorous comments attached to the article too.

Hmmm, Drouin's Bird of the Year 2018, I wonder would that work?

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