Thursday, June 15, 2017

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

A dead tree can stand for years and in doing so, provide habitat for a variety of flora, fauna and fungi. In this way, dead trees make a valuable contribution to the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

Recent worldwide research has determined that there is much more value in leaving dead trees either standing or lying on the ground, than there is spending money and time removing them.

All sorts of species of insects, spiders, reptiles, mammals, birds, fungi, mosses lichen and plants will readily inhabit an old tree, especially if it contains a few hollows or crevices in the trunk. In doing this, these living organisms are helping contribute to the food chain.

Fungi moss and lichen playing their vital role.
Red and Black Spider - a typical dead tree inhabitant.
Even the argument of dead trees being a fire risk is losing ground and in Canberra last year, a DEAD tree was RELOCATED!

A dead tree, notwithstanding the obvious safety issues in some situations, can well deserve as much protection as a living specimen. 

Try Googling 'dead tree images' – they can even be beautiful.

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