Thursday, March 9, 2017

Trees and Property Values

Worldwide research indicates that residential property values are enhanced by at least 5% when the property is located in a well treed street. Some USA research puts the improved value as high as 20% in some cities.
A well-treed section of Drouin

Brisbane and Perth are two Australian cities where recent research supports this finding.

 Real estate agents have recognized the value of a good tree in a front garden at about $5,000 for a suburban property and earlier work had estimated that a tree-lined nature strip added 30% to properties.

Princes Way west
A recent discussion with the principal of a large and well established real estate agency in Drouin confirms these sorts of findings – "Homes in leafy streets realize higher values and are easier to sell".

Wood St
With 'hard' figures now available, I wonder will the day come when the removal of a tree or trees from a street might precipitate legal action by residents for compensation for loss of property value!


  1. I was very surprised to hear how much water a tree will send out into the air on a hot day. Amazing!

  2. Indeed Diane,
    And along with the carbon they store, the pollutants they absorb, the oxygen they 'exhale', the habitat they provide, etc, trees are indeed good to have around I reckon.