Monday, February 27, 2017

'Golden Whistler' Reserve

Golden Whistler Reserve is a linear stretch of mixed remnant and planted species between McGlone Rd and the Princes Freeway in Drouin.

Golden Whistler is not the official name of this patch of bush – I think it officially goes by the uninspiring title of Public Purposes Reserve. The name Golden Whistler has caught on as each time I visit and when the FoDT surveyed the trees, we were serenaded by at least one pair of Golden Whistlers.

A walk there one morning recently had me thinking of yet another alternative name – Blue Wren Central! The beautiful Superb Fairy-wren seemed to be in every second bush.

 Here's the bird list for the short morning's walk – Superb Fairy-wren, Golden Whistler, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Grey Fantail, Striated Thornbill, (a new one for my Drouin list I think), White-browed Scrubwren, Eastern Yellow Robin, Red Wattlebird, unknown Raven sp, Bell Miner, Spotted Pardalote and Red-browed Finch. I think I had fifteen in my head after half an hour – as I type this I've forgotten a few, (probably due to my date of birth!).

At the moment the Sweet Bursaria is in flower and attracting a variety of insects, the Kangaroo Apple fruit are turning red and the trunks of the Angophoras and Spotted Gums at the start of the walk are always attractive.

Access to this little remnant wonderland on our doorstep is via an unmarked track in McGlone Rd, just west of the entrance to the Drouin Golf Club. Check it out – one of Drouin's precious places.

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