Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why a Tree Strategy for Drouin?

The development of the Drouin Precinct Structure Plan and the projected growth and expansion of the township of Drouin means that rapid change is coming to a once small town and community.

Development is continuing apace

Drouin has always been known for its trees both propagated and remnant. The town has been blessed with creative Directors of Parks and Gardens in its past as Buln Buln Shire. The variety of trees that have been planted throughout the town’s history and the layout of parks and reserves have been well planned with colour, shape, form and good design alongside the remnant trees. 
Alex Goudie Park - a sensitive mix of propagated and remnant trees

The Parks and Gardens men and women who worked for the Shire were inspired by these Directors and became passionate themselves about the trees and environment of the town in which they worked and lived.

Wood St

The result is that today we live in a town with beautiful trees in streets, parks, reserves, public spaces and private gardens. Drouin is known for its trees and is often referred to as ‘The Ficifolia Town’. However as development encroaches, all the trees of our town are under more risk than ever before.

Main South Rd - the attractive southern entrance to Drouin

Friends of Drouin’s Trees and the Baw Baw Significant Tree Strategy for Drouin were conceived in an effort to safeguard and perhaps enhance the wonderful tree cover that exists in the town.
Some old remnant giants - Hearn St
Further reading
2 Metropolitan Planning Authourity a small 2 page PDF summary- The Warragul and Drouin Precinct StructurePlans.
3 The Age 16th Aug 2014 Newspaper article from 2 years ago – Long term road map for growth in WestGippsland.

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