Monday, October 30, 2017

Drouin Bird Count

FoDT recently conducted their October Bird Count.
Some highlights included ...
  • Total of 50 species, (11 sites in and around Drouin were visited).
  • Sacred Kingfishers at Bellbird Park, (above).
  • Nesting White-faced Herons at Crystal Waters and Picnic Point, (below).

  • A large, (raptor?) stick nest part way up the communications tower at Bellbird Park, (above).
  • Red-browed Finches nesting at Thornell's Reserve and Bellbird Park.
  • Pink-eared Ducks on McNeilly Wetlands.
  • Spotted Harrier in Pryor Rd.

The urban avifauna of Drouin is doing quite well. How lucky are we?


  1. We have some flame robins here in East Jindivick, on the boundary of Drouin West. Their bright orange plumage looks fantastic!!!

  2. Thanks for the report Unknown. Yes the 'flames' were in Settlement Rd in Drouin recently too, link to my 'other blog'(