Sunday, April 9, 2017

On The Turn

The traditional four seasons – 3 months each of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – is really a hand me down from English or European conditions. Professor Tim Entwisle, the director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, suggests that in Australia, particularly down south, we have 5 seasons:
'Sprinter', an early Spring during August and September.
'Sprummer', an early Summer during October and November.
Summer, a long Summer from December to March.
Autumn, April and May.
Winter, June and July.

Professor Entwisle bases his seasons on his observations of the patterns of flowering times particularly of native species in Australia.

Regardless of the Entwisle theory of seasons, it would seem that things are on the turn at last and we are beginning to see wonderful changes of colour in the foliage of the exotic species in the streets and gardens of Drouin.
Pin Oak on the corner of Hope and Young St

Take a moment as you rush in for your next coffee

Golden Elm at the Civic Centre

Many European species like the Plane trees (Platanus sp), over my back fence are beginning to lose their leaves – the daily cleaning up of which is a small price to pay for their beautiful shade during Summer.

We native/indigenous species enthusiasts need not despair however as many endemic shrubs and trees prefer to flower during Autumn and Winter, adding their own colours to Nature's palette – many acacias, eucalypts and grevilleas, correas, croweas, hakeas, etc.

An Unknown Flowering Gum at Alex Goudie Reserve

Autumn nectar diet for birds and bees

Correas are beginning to flower in many garden beds

Autumn and Winter here in Victoria is not colourless if only we open our eyes.

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