Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our New Logo

The Friends of Drouin’s Trees commissioned Helen Timbury Design for a logo that might fittingly represent our group and its work.

We discussed with Helen the desire to particularly represent the magnificent eucalypt species that grace our beautiful town.

After several meetings and discussions with Helen and our own friends group, Helen produced half a dozen designs for us to consider.

Our final choice …

The chosen design represents the green leaf, white flower, grey fruit and brown bark of most eucalypts. The circular form can be easily applied to tags or labels that we envisage might ultimately be attached to some of our special trees.

The new Friends of Drouin’s Trees logo complements The Committee for Drouin logo with the Ficifolia emblem. 

One member of our friends committee very kindly sponsored this process for us.

We are indebted to Helen for her friendly and conscientious endeavours and for the very appropriate and eye-catching design.

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