Thursday, March 24, 2016

Drouin’s Trees

Many cities and towns worldwide have begun to appreciate the social and economical benefits of urban tree cover, wetlands and green spaces. Much research has been performed to quantify the value of urban trees, and governments and administrators are beginning to see trees as assets rather than an inconvenience.

Trees are part of the fabric of Drouin and in the past the town has been blessed with creative and forward thinking parks and gardens staff of the Buln Buln Shire. Planted trees on nature strips and in parks and reserves have been wonderfully integrated with the remnant indigenous species and many private gardens further enhance the beauty of our urban landscape.

Rapid urban development however is placing many of Drouin’s treescapes under threat.

The Baw Baw Significant Tree Strategy is a collaborative process between The Committee for Drouin, Council staff, and members of Landcare, the local history group and the community. The object is to identify and quantify individual trees, groups of trees and vegetation considered to be valuable and that contribute to the livability of Drouin. 

As part of the strategy, a Significant Trees Register has been initiated and to date over 200 citations of trees of significance have been achieved with many of the individual citations covering multiple trees. An estimated several thousand trees have been identified as important to Drouin. 

Our trees help to provide a beautiful and healthy place in which to live. They are valuable as wildlife habitat and many of Drouin’s trees have links with our history and culture.

This article was contributed by The Significant Trees of Drouin project team.

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